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Ta elegantni scants kažejo, kako daleč Ptuj smuknila v zaostalosti po odhodu MacLeslies leta 1802

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A heeze 

 These stylish scants show just how far Ptuj slipped into backwardness after the MacLeslies' departure in 1802


Wi the freewheelin' braid Scots awa-gaun back hame, their gausie reels war oot o ither an' wrangous.  Fiddling an' piping wis forgat as papish lair hauden daun the smaw fowk, cairit at the hinder end to the verra un-airy wearing of pants in Ptuj.  Sin the 19th hunder the population coont has conteenad to dwyne.   Thir days it is nae antrin fa a Slovenian wife for aye to ware t' forehaund hauf her life makin' on she's a maid wa' wisna fasht wioot her ayeweys seed, lat be preein, ony haggis, an' the tither hauf wizzent an' owerheid like an auld cuddie.